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 Dr Kesler Dalmcy is a Board Certified Specialist Pathology Expert

Born in 1950 and raised in Haiti, Kesler Dalmacy (Kekess) obtained his secondary education at
College Saint-Pierre, a private Episcopalian institution located in Port-au-Prince. Following his
secondary studies, he enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine in Port-au-Prince where he graduated
in 1977. Dr. Dalmacy subsequently trained in General Surgery at l’Hospital de l’Universite D’Etat
D’Haiti (AKA L’Hopital General) from 1977 to 1980. In 1980, Dr. Dalmacy migrated to the United
States to obtain additional training in surgery and pathology at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital (present
day Interfaith Hospital in New York). After advanced training in preventive medicine at the Uni-
versity of Maryland, Dr. Dalmacy set up a medical office in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn,
New York, where he practiced medicine for a number of years. Dr. Dalmacy is a known phil-
anthropist; for years, he has sponsored a number of schools, clinics and orphanages in Haiti; but he is also a talented artist, a writer, an independent scholar who has traveled with a group of experts as medical ambassador to Vietnam, Israel, Italy, Egypt, China, Cuba and many other European and Asian countries to learn about different nations, practices and cultures. He is well known for his preventive work against HIV/AIDS and Obesity in the Haitian and Caribbean communities of Brooklyn and is the recipient of a number of honors and awards for his work in prevention and education.

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